Born in Savona, 1977. I live in Genova.

Journalist, photographer, video-maker.
My "career" began in 1997, when i was charged with vandalism for spray-painting, something which i had been doing since 1991
I then studied molecular biology at University, but, at 24, I started to make a living out of photography.

Da una dozzina d'anni mi guadagno da vivere come fotografo di cronaca.

If Guy Debord was right in highlighting that social relations between people are increasingly mediated by images and representations,
then can modestly shooting news for a living be a personal source of demystification?

Main client:
Il Secolo XIX, La Stampa

Recurring client:
Amico Shipyard

Selected editorial clients:
La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, RCS MediaGroup, Liberazione, Il Manifesto, Il Sole 24 Ore, L'Unità, Il resto del Carlino, Metro, Cronaca Vera, Grand Hotel, Panorama, Sette, Oggi, Gente, Grazia, Chi, Vanity Fair, Novella 2000, Il fatto quotidiano, Il Corriere del Ticino, People, Folha De San Paulo, Le Nouvelliste, Bunte, Edition Reuss, Agency Olycom, Agency Fotogramma, Agency Xinhua, Vice Italy, The Daily Mail

Other selected clients:
Regione Liguria, Comune di Genova, Port authority of Genoa, Regional Council of Liguria, Democratic party of Liguria, CNR, Fincantieri, Hyundai Merchant Marine, Sogegross, Kerakoll, Amiu, Europam, Bombardier, Kafka HC, Dsa Commando, Agency Ameri, Museum of contemporary art Villa Croce, Former high school education Genoa, Tag Heuer, Pinksummer Gallery Genoa, Tim Music, Pro Recco Waterpolo 1913, Toon Taun Animation Studio Genoa, Galata Museo del Mare Genoa

exhibitions | mentions:
2004 : selected at 56° edition Venice International Film Festival with a trilogy of short movies “Anna”, “Enzo” e “Vico Morchi”, with Francesca Capra and Romano Lodde.
2004 : live and video performance “Praux Reloaded”, Rebecca Container Gallery, Genova.
2011 : Reggio Emilia, European Institute for Photography – collective photo exhibition “Un giorno nella vita dell'Italia”, Sette, RCS periodici
2011 : special prize photographic contest “L'ultima foto alle mafie”, association DaSud, photo exhibition in Roma and Reggio Calabria
2011 : Genova, spazio SP333 – exhibition project “Hazy but Cloudless” with Nuvola Ravera
2012: Milano, Triennale – collective photo exhibition “Un giorno nella vita dell'Italia”, Sette, RCS periodici
2012: Milano, Via Farini, Careof Docva - collective exhibition "E Il Topo rebirth"
2015: Genova film festival – special mention “Lost in Revolution”, a 40 min doc about Ukraine

everything on this site, except for the free indexhibit script and the photo on this page (©Marco Balostro), is copyrighted by me.

davide dot pambianchi at gmail dot com