Ukraine 2014

Every Sunday, a bus makes the long trip. The voyage is known as the “care-workers’ route”, an anonymous and crowded itinerary that connects the suburbs of the main Italian and Ukrainian cities.
According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, there are about 250,000 Ukrainian immigrants living in Italy, a number likely to double should illegal residents are counted. Most of them are well-educated women who leave their country, career and family, seeking a better life.
Reality is often very different: time passes but the money is never enough; their men stop waiting for them; their sons are easily victims of alcohol or drug abuse. These women live uncertain and precarious lives and while they take care of their new family, they risk losing their grip on the old one. Their personal revolution easily got lost on its way home.
Tragically, this might appear to be the same destiny of the Euromaidan movement, a new wave of protests that started from a revolution and ended with a war. Maidan, the Independence square where activists gathered for months, became a sort of commune, and after the latest elections the country still faces dangerous political turmoil.

This documentary is about personal and collective revolutions that got lost along their way.

Olga lives in Milan, where she works as a careworker. She used to be an engineer in Ukraine, but she came to Italy three years ago to seek a better future for her family. She is worried about the war in Ukraine, but she can't return home because she is an illegal immigrant.
Her daughter Liubov studies at Chernivtsi University, in Western Ukraine. In her mind, the real revolution would be to find a normal job and live a normal life.
Kyrylo Kostiukowsky is a street piano player and Maidan's composer. After the start of the protests, he joined the self-defense committees.
Valentine worked as a detective in the Kiev police force. He left his job to become an activist in the Euromaidan movement.

This is a freaklance production
realized by Marco Grasso and Davide Pambianchi